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FIC: Legacy Pt1/?

Title: Legacy
Author: Lazra
Beta: none
Fandom: Crossover (FFVII/Narnia)
Warnings: Some potty mouths. Some violence.
Disclaimer: FFVII and all related material belong to SquareEnix. The Chronicles of Narnia and all related material belong to the estate of C. S. Lewis. I only own a rabid plotbunny, and we're both broke.
Notes: Timewise, I'm putting this at two years after MeteorFall, but "Advent Children" doesn't exist. -- I consider this borderline crack!fic, but the bunny bit and won't let me go. I also feel the need to warn that I am an absolute sap for happy endings. I am also insane. Thank you.

7th Heaven was busy today. It usually was these days. It's list of patrons in recent years included several Turks, an ex-Turk, an astronaut, a ninja, a giant cat, a few environmentalists, and -oh yeah- the planet's savior.

However, those patrons weren't really regulars. Oh sure, they came in when they could, but they lived all over the world, and certainly had their own lives to live. No, the bulk of Tifa's customers were average folks wanting a cold one on the way home from work...and maybe to get a glimpse of The Savior.

Cloud lived above the bar with Tifa and the two kids, but he was usually gone with his deliveries. Even if he was home, he would be upstairs in his office/bedroom, not so much as a single blonde spike making itself known to the bar below.

But almost everyone who came in and asked for a beer would either glance around for him, or outright ask where he was and if they could have a word/autograph/lock of hair/his babies. Tifa would always say no, even if Cloud was upstairs, knowing he was uncomfortable with this whole "Savior" thing. "I just did what had to be done," he always said. If they managed to catch him on the way out for -or back from- deliveries, he would be polite, answer their questions simply and quickly, and get out as quickly as possible.

Right now, he was gone, and Tifa didn't expect him back for a few days. She really really wished he was here, when she looked up from washing a glass to watch a giant beast calmly walk in through the door.

Her usual friendly smile melted to horror thinking about what could happen to the bar and the customers (who all froze in fear and were eyeing the beast as it strode past, ignoring them). She quietly dropped the rag in her hand and reached for her fighting gloves.

The beast simply stared at her as it walked through the bar. Tifa's first thought was that this was one of Nanaki's race. It was definitely feline, but no, not Nanaki's race. This one was bigger and more muscular with a great golden fur and shaggy mane. It walked up to the counter, put its front paws on a barstool raising itself to eye level...and stared.

Tifa stared back. The beast's eyes were serene and seemed to possess intelligence. Tifa calmed slightly. Maybe there wouldn't be a fight.

"I am looking for Cloud Strife. Do you know where I may find him?"

Despite being friends with a giant talking cat herself, the resonant voice startled Tifa. "N-no...He's out making deliveries. I don't know when he'll be back." She smiled at him, but it was slightly forced.

The beast nodded, and smiled kindly. "I understand. I have errands of my own today. Please tell him I will be back later."

"Okay." This time she warmed to his gentleness, and her smile was genuine.

He turned, and just as quietly as he had come in, he padded out the door.

Cloud sat on his bike listening to the latest message from Tifa. Yesterday, he'd gotten the message telling him about a giant cat-like beast asking for him. As much as she had insisted it hadn't tried to harm anyone, and there was no trace of worry in her voice, it hadn't stopped Cloud from worrying for her and the kids.

He had rushed through that day's deliveries in record time, wanting to get home and sort out this beast's business, whatever it was.

The latest message was the same as the first. The beast had come in, asked for him, and left citing "errands". No one was harmed; hadn't even raised its voice.

Though what disturbed Cloud now was the report that Denzel had been downstairs when the beast had arrived, and in true Denzel-fashion had opened his mouth and blurted the first thing on his mind. In this case "What are you?"

The beast had laughed and said, "A lion."

"What's that?"

"Me," it had answered and chuckled quietly when Denzel frowned at it. After a little prodding from Tifa, Denzel had gone upstairs. The beast had left.

Tifa was light and laughed about the encounter, but Cloud still didn't like the idea of some unknown thing strolling through the bar around his -albeit pseudo- family.

He decided to postpone the rest of his few deliveries, started Fenrir's engine, and sped towards home.

Like I need more fandoms...sheesh!
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