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FIC: Legacy Pt2

Title: Legacy
Author: Lazra
Beta: none
Fandom: Crossover (FFVII/Narnia)
Warnings: Some potty mouths. Some violence.
Disclaimer: FFVII and all related material belong to SquareEnix. The Chronicles of Narnia and all related material belong to the estate of C. S. Lewis. I only own a rabid plotbunny, and we're both broke.
Notes: "Advent Children" and "Dirge of Cerberus" are my only canon experiences in the FFVII universe. So I'll probably fudge a few details. My apologies in advance. Timewise, I'm putting this at two years after MeteorFall, but "Advent Children" doesn't exist. --
I consider this borderline crack!fic, but the bunny bit and won't let me go. I also feel the need to warn that I am an absolute sap for happy endings. I am also insane. Thank you.

Vincent spent most of his days (and probably nights too; it's hard to tell when you lose time in your own misery) sitting before the giant Mako crystal where Lucrecia slept.

Hojo's tinkering left Vincent with the ability to go for days without hunger or thirst. When the pangs began, he would grab a bite, and sometimes look up a few people, just to see if anything major had happened while he was away. More often, he would simply turn back to his vigil...and wait.

He wasn't even sure what he was waiting for...Forgiveness? Condemnation? For Lucrecia to wake up and embrace/reject him?

Whatever it was, he waited for it, but he never expected this.

He had only been away from her for a few hours. He was hungry again, and so went to the closest town for food. He stopped only long enough to eat and find out what day it was. His phone had rang. It was Yuffie, chirping about a giant cat at 7th Heaven, wonder what it wants, d'you think it's Nanaki's clan, d'you wanna go see, well I'm gonna go, seeya! He'd snapped his phone shut and given serious thought to burning it.

When he got back to the cave, Lucrecia was gone.

Vincent stared in shock at the space she had previously occupied. The crystal looked as though it had been melted back - like a block of ice placed next to a fire.

His heart beat a staccato in his chest as he spied footprints in the dirt. His own were there, along with the impression from where he always sat. On top of that were dainty female footprints, but they were smudged and erratic. She was stumbling.

He followed them towards the exit.

He nearly cried out when he saw the impression where her knees had hit the ground. Then he snarled at the new prints he found near her - large animal prints. She had gotten up and...vanished. Her prints stopped. She was either riding the animal, or it had taken her. He didn't want to speculate what would happen to her if she'd been taken.

Vincent pulled Cerberus from its holster and quickly followed the animal's tracks outside.

...But he happily contemplated what he would do to the animal once he'd caught it.

Cloud sat on a barstool in the corner.

The place was unusually quiet for this time of day. Even if this "lion" hadn't been threatening, it was still a huge beast of unknown motives, and most of the patrons weren't willing to risk their lives for a beer.

Tifa was cleaning the same glass for the third time. Finally out of sheer boredom, she looked up. "I'm going to start dinner," she stated and went into the kitchen.

Cloud nodded and slid behind the bar to serve what patrons were present...all two of them. Looking at the bar, he discovered there really wasn't anything to do but re-clean glasses. He sighed and picked one up.

An hour later, Tifa came out and handed him a steaming plate of food. His mouth watered at the smell, and he dug in enthusiastically. He was about to call Tifa back for seconds when the door swung open.

It was the lion; had to be. It walked silently up to the bar, never breaking eye contact with Cloud.

Cloud swallowed his last bite and washed it down with water, also never breaking eye contact. His sword was behind the counter with him, hidden from the other side but in easy reach if he needed it.

The lion put its paws on a barstool and raised itself to Cloud's level. "Cloud Strife."


The lion bowed its head. "I am honored to finally meet you. My name is Aslan."

"Uh...thanks." Cloud really hoped this didn't mean he had groupies in the animal world too. "Tifa said you were looking for me."

"Yes. May we speak privately?"


The lion turned to walk outside. Cloud turned to put his dishes in the sink.

"Don't forget your sword," the lion said without looking back.

Cloud frowned at the beast. He could've sworn he heard laughter in its voice.

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