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FIC: Legacy (Part 3)

Title: Legacy
Author: Lazra
Beta: none
Fandom: Crossover (FFVII/Narnia)
Warnings: Some potty mouths. Some violence.
Disclaimer: FFVII and all related material belong to SquareEnix. The Chronicles of Narnia and all related material belong to the estate of C. S. Lewis. I only own a rabid plotbunny, and we're both broke.
Notes: "Advent Children" and "Dirge of Cerberus" are my only canon experiences in the FFVII universe. So I'll probably fudge a few details. My apologies in advance. Timewise, I'm putting this at two years after MeteorFall, but "Advent Children" doesn't exist. ---I consider this borderline crack!fic, but the bunny bit and won't let me go. I also feel the need to warn that I am an absolute sap for happy endings. I am also insane. Thank you.
Notes2: ANGST ANGST ANGST (Like Cloud needs another excuse for it...)

Part 1 - Part 2

Cloud followed Aslan outside.

Aslan nodded at Fenrir. "I would offer to let you ride me...but I doubt you trust me that much."

Cloud grunted noncommittally. "Where are going?"

"A quiet place...good for reflection and meditation."

Cloud narrowed his eyes at the beast. "And what if I don't feel like following you all over Edge? Just say what you came to say, and leave my family alone."

Aslan stared at him sternly, and Cloud had the distinct impression that he was getting a silent lecture of some sort. He stared back at the beast evenly.

"Your family," Aslan reproved, "is why I have sought you out."

With that Aslan turned and fled down the street, giving Cloud no choice but to follow if he wanted to find out what this was all about. He hopped onto Fenrir, gunned him to life, and gave chase. No matter fast Fenrir pursued, Cloud would only see Aslan's tail flicking around the next turn. He chased the beast through Edge, into Old Midgar, and finally out of the city entirely.

Cloud's gut clenched as he realized the route they were taking. He hoped he was wrong about where they were headed.

But no... With a great leap, Aslan stood on the plateau next to Zack's blade and stopped.

Cloud had to go the scenic route to get Fenrir to the top of the small cliff. He stalked over to Aslan, sword clenched in a fist, and more than a little pissed at the beast.

"What do you mean 'my family is why you sought me out'? Is that a threat?"

Aslan shook his head and sighed. "Who is it that you call family?"

Cloud clenched his jaw. "What do you want from me?"

Aslan shook his head again. "I mean no one any harm, Master Strife." He huffed a laugh to himself. "He was right. A more direct approach would suit you better, yes?"

Cloud narrowed his eyes.

"I want nothing from you, Master Strife. I have sought you out simply to deliver a message and an invitation. Should you accept the invitation, there is also a request. Will you hear me out?"

Cloud was losing his patience. "Just get this over with."

"Very well, though I will be painful for you to hear it."

Cloud nodded for him to continue. Hell, after everything he'd been through in his life, how much more pain could there be?

"I know, Master Strife, that you lost your mother some years ago."

Cloud winced but said nothing.

"But do you know your father's fate?"

Cloud frowned at that. "My father? My father died when I was very young. I don't remember him at all."

"Oh?" Aslan seemed truly surprised by this. "Not even a name?"


No, Cloud didn't know his father's name. He knew his parents hadn't married, and Strife was his mother's name. When he was little, he would ask her about his father, but she would only start crying and say that he was a brave SOLDIER who died in battle. She never said anything further, and he never had the heart to ask more. Eventually he had stopped asking at all.

"No," he said quietly. "I don't know my father's name...Do you?"

Aslan nodded. "Aye. I do, but he has requested to tell you his story himself. As his friend, I honor this request."

Cloud's jaw dropped. "He's alive!?"


"He's dead!" Cloud shook his head disbelieving. "He's been dead since I was a toddler!" He brandished his sword at Aslan. "How dare you spread these lies?!"

"I do not lie, Master Stri-

Cloud cut him off with an enraged roar. He thrust his buster deep into the ground and proceeded to beat his fists into the sand. Tears flew from his face unheeded.

"Alive!...ALIVE!!!...How the fuck could he be alive?! All these years...all this time...Why did he leave us? Did he not love mom...or me? Why didn't he find us? Why the fuck didn't he find ME?!...Why...?" Cloud degenerated into angry sobs, oblivious to anything beyond this new pain.

When he calmed and was aware of his surroundings again, he found his hands fisted in Aslan's mane...a fine silky mane, now soaked with a fair amount of tears and snot. Aslan was purring a low vibration that Cloud found oddly comforting. Beyond the purring, Aslan didn't acknowledge Cloud, but simply stared out towards Midgar. Cloud hastily scrubbed his face and collected himself.

"Where is he?"

Aslan turned to him quizzically. "Wouldn't you hear the rest before going to see him?"

"What the fuck more could there be?"

"As I said, he wishes to tell you his story himself, but I will say this much...It is not his fault that he couldn't be there for you. He believes you would be happier not knowing he still lives, but the circumstances in his life have forced him to a decision. One that affects not only himself and his country, but you as well. Otherwise, he would not have interrupted your life so drastically, or given you this new wound to your heart."

"What decision?"

Aslan stared up into the clear sky. "There are many worlds out there, Cloud. Midgar is only one. The world of Narnia is so far from here that the stars above it cannot be seen by the stars above Midgar. This decision was not really his to begin with...Your father is the Steward of Narnia. The people have long been without a king on the throne, and he has been such a fair and just ruler that they wish him to become king. They have long spoken of it, even pleaded for it, and he has finally begun to consider it."

Cloud puzzled about it all. His dad wasn't a SOLDIER but a steward? "What's any of that got to do with me?"

"If your father rejects the throne and remains Steward, then he will grow old and choose a successor before his death. As King, his successors would be his children. You are his only child now. If he becomes King, you automatically become Prince. He would not do that to you without your blessing."

Cloud made an exasperated sound in his throat and began pacing. "So? Why didn't he just stay a steward, and leave me in blissful ignorance? Why bother sending someone? 'Surprise! Your dad's not dead. He's a political figure who's had a dandy life while you suffered through turmoil and insanity while saving the goddamned planet!'"

Aslan gave him another lecturing stare. "His life has been far from easy, I assure you. As for why he sent me...well, if you asked him, I'm sure he would give you his political motives: A Prince becoming King would go unchallenged by right of blood, whereas a new Steward would be in constant question and challenged for the authority to rule."

Aslan softened. "But I know the truth in his heart, Cloud...the truth he has only begun to acknowledge in himself recently: You are his son, and after all the wrongs he has done, he wishes to finally do right by you. Whether he becomes King or stays Steward is incidental really."

Cloud sat heavily on the ground wanting to cry some more. Instead he laughed quietly to himself. "'Do right'..."

"Yes...that is my message. The invitation is to come to Narnia to see him and his realm before giving an answer to becoming royalty. You may bring with you whatever friends you wish."

"And if I don't come?"

"Then he will remain Steward, bid you farewell, and never bother you again."

"And if I want to go?"

"Then return to this place in three days, and I will take you and your guests to Narnia."

Cloud thought about it. "What's the request?"

Aslan nodded at Zack's sword. "That you bring this with you to Narnia."

Cloud shook his head. "No. He can't have it."

Aslan smiled. "He doesn't want it. In fact it is not his request, but his counselor's."

"Well his counselor can't have it either."

Aslan chuckled. "The request is that you bring it. What is done after that is up to you."

Cloud narrowed his eyes, then stared blankly at Midgar again. "I'll think about it."

"Then I will return to this spot at sunset in three days. If you do not come, we will never meet again." Aslan turned and left Cloud alone.

Cloud -angry, hurt, confused, and countless other emotions- wept silently.

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