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FIC: Legacy (Part 5)

Title: Legacy
Author: Lazra
Beta: none
Fandom: Crossover (FFVII/Narnia)
Warnings: Some potty mouths. Some violence.
Disclaimer: FFVII and all related material belong to SquareEnix. The Chronicles of Narnia and all related material belong to the estate of C. S. Lewis. I only own a rabid plotbunny, and we're both broke.
Notes: "Advent Children" and "Dirge of Cerberus" are my only canon experiences in the FFVII universe. So I'll probably fudge a few details. My apologies in advance. Timewise, I'm putting this at two years after MeteorFall, but "Advent Children" doesn't exist. ---I consider this borderline crack!fic, but the bunny bit and won't let me go. I also feel the need to warn that I am an absolute sap for happy endings. I am also insane. Thank you.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Vincent tracked the beast as far as he could, and had finally come to a dead end.

Out of the cave, he tracked it North through Costa Del Sol. Bridges had been constructed to better connect the islands. One of the bridgekeepers he spoke to had been on duty when the beast passed through.

"Quiet and polite as anything," the keeper said. "And gentle as a mum with her cub. That lady must've been mighty tired to fall asleep on his back like that."

Vincent refrained from commenting and did his best to snuff the flair of hope in his chest that Lucrecia might be okay. He didn't dare trust hope anymore.

He found the beast's trail in Bone Village. The workers were awed at it. "Just walked into the Sleeping Forest like it was nothing. Came back out last night and headed for Midgar."

"Was there a woman with it?"

"Oh her...she just slept in the tent while he went into the Forest." The worker scratched his head. "Come to think of it, she was still sleeping when he left with her on his back...odd that."

Vincent grunted and took his leave. Outside Midgar, he began to despair. The great expanse of sand around the city had been blown clean by the winds. Any footprints were gone, and Midgar itself being so huge and so empty, there was little chance that he would find its trail in there. His only hope was that it went through Edge, and someone would remember it.

He circled the city perimeter anyway, in case he might find some sign of it, but nothing. He entered and went to the only place in Edge that he knew to start looking.

Surprisingly, Vincent entered 7th Heaven and saw most of his new comrades around the bar. Marlene smiled shyly and gave him a little wave. Everyone else looked up and gave him a "Hey" or "Yo" in welcome.

Yuffie practically pounced on him as she grabbed him by the cape and pulled him further into the room. She waggled a finger in his face, "You're late."

"I didn't know I was expected." He thought back to their phone conversation. He had definitely told her he wasn't interested in coming to see...a lion? He had forgotten that part. "Where is the beast?"

"Aslan came in yesterday to see Cloud. He hasn't been here since, and Cloud..." She trailed off and looked to the staircase. "He's tired."

"Aslan's a friend of Cloud's papa," Marlene chirped. "He wants to take Cloud to see him."

"I would very much like to meet this...Aslan."

"Ha!" Yuffie barked at him. "Thought you didn't care about some fluffy critter roaming around Edge, hmmm?"

Vincent gave her a withering glare. "I changed my mind."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Well, you'll just have to wait like the rest of us. Cloud said Aslan'll be back the day after tomorrow, and we're all headin' out then."


Yuffie nodded, and bounced around in her usual energetic way. "Cloud's old man sent Aslan to invite him to...wherever he lives, and we're going too. Emotional support and all that."

"And an ass whippin' if the bastard can't give Cloud a good reason why he ditched his family," Cid added, ignoring Barret's glare. "Cloud was down here tellin' us what the cat said and tossin' back whiskey like it was tea. I wouldn't bother goin' at all, m'self, but it's Cloud's choice, and we're backin' 'im 100 percent."

"So..." Yuffie pounced again, and Vincent found himself literally nose to nose with her. "You coming too?"

"Yes," he replied and extricated himself from Yuffie. "I'll be back in two days."

He turned and swept out of the bar. Then he leapt onto the building across the street. It had a billboard he could easily hide behind and keep watch over 7th Heaven's entrance.

All he had to do was wait for two days. He'd certainly waited longer, and this time he had the pleasure of knowing exactly what it was he was waiting for.
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